Aqua Boxing Bag Review

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Aqua Boxing Bag Review

Aqua Bag the latest alternative to a boxing bag, has hit the market running. Everyone has seen the YouTube videos of Canelo Alvarez smashing them all over the place. Are they worth the switch from the traditional boxing bags or not?


  • Have no water in when delivered so very lightweight and easy to hang.
  • Manafucturer’s say better for the wrists than traditional bag’s.
  • Fairly cheap compared to high quality leather bag’s.
  • Variety of sizes for different uses.
  • Look very smart.
  • Can save on postage costs.
  • Only requires one chain to hang.
  • Very nice to punch.


  • You have to have a tap near bag or hose and other connections.
  • These bags can leak.
  • The Bag’s need a very good bracket to hang as they are very heavy when filled with water.


  • Go very hard in winter (our gym has no heating).
  • Can be very difficult to fill with water if connection isn’t right. You can end up with quite a spillage.




These bag’s start at £80and go to £250, compared to some leather bags we have at the gym this makes them quite cheap (some leather bag’s are £500). So you could be tempted due to the price what you have got to remember if you go for the bigger bag’s they will need a very strong bracket ours in the picture cost £200 so this would make a quite expensive option unless you go for the 12 inch option which would mean you could use a standard bracket that would cost £40.

Wrist Protection

I am not sure about this these seem just as hard as our other leather bags. Could be a clever marketing ploy but they are very good to hit everyone in the gym enjoys using them.


We have tried all the manufacturers in the gym I honestly think the aqua bags are the best. Some of the other brands we have tried haven’t seen as well made and we have had to replace some of them due to leaks.


I have to say I am a big fan of the Aqua Bag they can be some trouble (fitting) once you get the hang of this they become easier. If your just buying a bag for home use I really think there are some better alternatives on the market I will make a new blog post of a more suitable bag. You really would require a very strong wall and good bracket unless you go for the smallest ones.



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