Training Advice

One To One Boxing Nottingham

I am slightly biased but for me boxing is the ultimate work out, both enjoyable and at the same time burns around 1000 calories there really isn't a workout like it. Lets face it going to the gym is quite boxing how some people drag themselves on the running machine or cross trainer for a forty minute workout is beyond me. Maybe this is why so many people at the gym pay monthly memberships but never actually ever go. I understand some people are put off by boxing as they think they are going to get hit in the face or get a broken nose this isn't the case you can use this amazing tool to get in the shape in your life without ever getting hit. At all good boxing clubs sparring is completely optional and a high amount of our members only use the training to get fit and learn a new art. (more…)

Too Old For Boxing Training?

Boxing is one of the best sports in the world to take part in for numerous reasons and benefits: Weight loss Fitness Increased Muscle Stress Relief Self Defence Confidence Just to name a few, one of the questions I get all the time is am I too old to start boxing?? (more…)