Most Dangerous Heavyweight On the Planet!

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Most Dangerous Heavyweight On the Planet!

At the minute the heavyweight division is booming with exciting potential fights. There is one entry to the division that will definitely will raise a few eyebrows as he remains very untested I honestly believe even now he would give the best heavyweights including Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua a massive run for their money.

For me he is the most exciting boxer in the world with a 93 percent knockout ratio and at only 22 years old the current world champions would not be rushing to make the fight.

I am a massive fan and have watched him throughout his career, one of the worries I had was his speed but he improved and proved me wrong and showed how quick he was against Nathan Gorman his former Team GB sparring partner (trained by Ricky Hatton).

DDD Daniel Dynamite Dubois is a massive 6’5 which is big enough to trouble all the bigger heavyweights.

Although many will argue about his lack of experience I am listing these reasons to explain while already he will be a force to be reckoned with:

Mental Strength – Does not seemed worried about anything and taking everything is his stride.

Size – Weighing over 17 stone, 6’5 and a reach of 78 inches.

Blood – His sister is already National, European, World and Olympic youth champion.

History – His dad started training him when he was 5 and already had vision of him becoming world champion.

Courage – Tough African Ebenezer Tetteh came swinging he just planted his feet and knocked him out.

Limelight – Does not like missing out on training will not worried about trying to be a celebrity.

Power – 93 percent Knockout ratio

Only time will tell but for me the most exciting up and coming fighter in the world looking forward for tougher challenges for him.

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