Why choose boxing?

There is a very good reason why boxing is increasing in popularity to get fit and lose weight, it provides the best full body workout and challenges you both physically and mentally. Being high intensity in nature you could be burning a fat busting 1000 calories in a 1-hour session which will significantly improve weight loss, enhance muscle tone and increase cardiovascular fitness all which contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a more confident version of you.

So, we know that boxing is a great physical workout, but it has psychological benefits too. Hitting something can make you feel great!! Take out the stresses of everyday life in a safe and controlled environment with professional coaches to guide you and I can guarantee you will leave relaxed and ready to take on the day.

Greater Fitness

Strong Bones and Joints

Bigger muscles and better toning

Improved co-ordination

Increased Confidence and self belief

Stronger Core

Self Defence

Stress Relief

Why choose John Machin?

Being involved in his passion from a young age, John Machin has gained a vast amount of knowledge and has 20 years’ experience in all things boxing. From training as a high-level amateur in some of the best gyms in the country to now teaching others as a profession he is immensely educated in all areas of his favourite sport.

John has his own well-established boxing gym in Hucknall that runs on an appointment only basis, offering his clients a unique one to one boxing experience that is exclusive to you so that you can achieve ultimate results. By not opening to the public he can deliver a more personal service, there is no waiting around for equipment therefor you get the most out of your session.

Johns philosophy!!

John knows that boxing training is the best way to get in shape offering unrivalled results for fitness and weight loss, but he also knows that exercise should be fun too. Making your one to one session enjoyable is the best way to keep you training hard and striving for results. His aim is to teach you how to box in a way that is fun and will get you in the best shape of your life. Honestly! It what he does.

One to One Boxing - £30 per Hour

Special Offer: – First Session Half Price

One to Small Group Training - £15 Per Hour

Andrew ScottBusiness Owner - 50 Years Old

I started training with John when I was 42, I was overweight nearly 15 stone and hadn’t done any exercise for over 18 years! After training just 2 x 1-hour sessions a week the weight dropped off and I immediately started to feel better about myself.

Boxing isn’t like training with weights at the gym or endlessly pounding the treadmill. Because you are constantly learning new techniques it’s fun and you actually forget your exercising and the hour fly’s by. The gym is so friendly and not how I imagined a boxing gym to be. I can thoroughly recommend training with John to anyone wanting to lose weight, get fit and learn a new skill. Its hard work but instant I now weigh 11.5 stone and have a six pack.

Leigh JacksonBusiness Owner - 40 Years Old

I started training with John at the weight of 88KG to improve my fitness levels and hopefully lose 8 to 10KG. I was initially very nervous as I had zero knowledge of fitness and lacked confidence also. John Sets goals and I achieved them even quicker than I imagined and quickly noticed results in my health, mental health and appearance. After a year of training I registered as an amateur boxer under Johns supervision, at the age of 34 had my first competitive bout at the weight of 68KG in front of 400 plus spectators.

I could never see myself standing in front of an audience of that seize in a million years especially with my top off! I feel I have received the best training, nutritional advice and made such a good friend that it will always be a part of my life.

John CarterBank Manager - 44 Years Old

In just 12 months I have lost two stone, started to learn the art of boxing and have had a great time.  I cannot rate highly enough the training methods and atmosphere of John and his boxing club I just wish I had found him years ago! John develops my sessions each week and always adds new techniques to keep things fresh and interesting, giving me the chance to use all of the equipment he has available.